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Why Nicole is Running

Nicole seeks to bring over two decades of civil trial experience and a genuine commitment to fairness and efficiency to the 133rd Civil District Court. Nicole’s campaign is rooted in her belief that fairness, respect, and judicial integrity are essential for any judicial system to function properly.

What Nicole Would Bring to the Bench

Nicole Perdue is not just a legal professional; she is a compassionate advocate for justice, fairness, and equality. Her extensive experience, progressive values, and dedication to advocacy make her the ideal candidate for the 133rd Civil District Court. 


If elected, the 133rd Civil District Court would remain a venue in which both sides have an opportunity to be heard and where attorneys and litigants are treated with respect. Nicole would approach all cases with professional integrity, setting aside personal views and clearing her mind of preconceived notions about how the case might come out. Significantly, Nicole would stay within the boundaries of the proper judicial role by "keeping her finger off the scales of justice” and letting the parties have their day in court.


Finally, Nicole would hear and decide matters in a timely and deliberate manner, balancing the parties' rights to be heard and to have issues resolved without unnecessary cost or delay. She believes that effective case management is essential to the delivery of justice.

About Nicole

Meet Nicole Perdue, a legal powerhouse with over two decades of trial and appellate experience. Nicole is a dedicated advocate for justice and a seasoned trial lawyer whose legal journey has been marked by her strategic thinking, thorough comprehension of civil trial law, persuasive writing, and compelling oral advocacy. She has practiced law at virtually every level of Harris County’s courts, with extensive, real courtroom experience.


Nicole was born and raised in Southeast Houston and graduated from Mt. Carmel High School. Raised to speak up for herself and never to put limits on her dreams, Nicole decided to become the first lawyer in her family—so after graduating with honors from Texas A&M University, Nicole returned to Houston to attend South Texas College of Law, where she served as Chief Notes and Comment Editor of the Law Review and earned national titles with the school’s distinguished advocacy program and membership in the National Order of Barristers and the Order of the Lytae. Nicole served as an intern for the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court and briefing attorney for the Chief Justice of the First Court of Appeals.

Nicole began her legal career in the Houston office of the national law firm Foley & Lardner (formerly Gardere Wynne Sewell & Riggs), where she specialized in employment litigation—representing both plaintiffs and defendants. In 2001, Nicole joined Perdue and Kidd, where she represents clients in a wide range of civil litigation matters. Nicole is also routinely appointed as a guardian ad litem in Texas state and federal district courts. Serving in this vital role, she represents the interests of minor plaintiffs in complex litigation from mediation through final resolution. Nicole's tenacity and skill as an advocate have earned her a reputation for being a strong and thoughtful representative for minor children, both in the families she serves and the legal community. 


Nicole is as strongly committed to her community as her practice. She views her work in the community as accepting her responsibility to pick up the baton and carry the fight for equality forward. Nicole has served as a board member to many local non-profits, most of which are dedicated to serving underprivileged Houston families and helping all children see their futures without limits. 

Nicole, and her husband, Jim, have three sons, William, John, and Charlie.  

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Join Nicole's campaign for a judiciary that reflects the principles of hard work, independence, and a commitment to justice. Let's build a better tomorrow together! Vote Nicole Perdue for the 133rd Civil District Court and be a part of the movement for positive change.

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